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Home Office advertising in the Sun

By David Bartlett on Mar 31, 09 12:30 PM in

Page 41 in the Sun newspaper today is dedicated to an advertising feature on the Policing Pledge (a new fangled idea to engage the public with the police).

So I contacted the Home Office to ask about the logic of using the Sun as an outlet for this particular item just days before the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy.

I was told the feature has also appeared in the Mail and the Express and on billboards, etc.


THE appeal of a leading Liverpool councillor convicted of breaking election law will be heard next week.

Liberal Democrat Steve Hurst was convicted of delivering a leaflet titled "Walton Scab," attacking sitting Labour councillor Pauline Walton and her firefighter husband Keith in December.

Masquerading as a leaflet from The United Socialist Party (TUSP), the pink flier accused Mr Walton of crossing a Fire Brigades Union picket line during a strike.

Jacqui Smith husband lookalike

By David Bartlett on Mar 30, 09 12:26 PM in


As Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is struggling to keep her cabinet career alive a colleague in the office couldn't help but notice that her husband has a passing resemblance for a famous Hollywood actor.

Just like the film which Robert De Niro starred in Richard Timney is now feeling the Heat.

Even though spouses should not be punished for the actions of their other halves one wonders whether Ms Smith can survive this latest scandal.

My view of the new Liverpool logo

By David Bartlett on Mar 26, 09 07:33 PM in


I've just written a small opinion piece for tomorrow's paper on the new logo.

Here's what I've said:

Liverpool has successfully avoided the debacle of London's 2012 Olympic logo, that was unveiled to well-documented derision.

Choosing an evolution of the 08 logo while the logical thing to do, was also the safe option.

Liverpool logo on a letterhead

By David Bartlett on Mar 26, 09 01:44 PM in


A few people have mentioned that they would like to see the new logo in context, here is a mock letter that regeneration agency Liverpool Vision put together.

BTW anyone know what this means?

Liverpool's new logo

By David Bartlett on Mar 26, 09 11:06 AM in


This is the new logo that is designed to sell Liverpool to the world as it rebrands itself following Capital of Culture.

It is designed to be an evolution of the popular and successful 08 logo used for the city's Capital of Culture year.

It will be freely available for all businesses, organisations, and individuals to use.


Liverpool Liberal Democrat Eddie Clein (right) is known to take his responsibilities on the council very seriously.

The chairman of the regeneration select committee was instrumental in getting a special panel set up to investigate the council's idea to extend parking charges in the city centre from 6pm to 8pm.

But someone in the council's protocol department appears to have left him off the invite list for the launch of the city's new culture calendar.

Today the ECHO reports on the huge changes that have taken place at the paper and its sister the Daily Post recently.

I thought it would be an opportune moment to blog on the changes to political reporting in Liverpool and region.

Instead of reporting separately both papers share reporters, and we now have a political desk covering the whole of Merseyside.

BBC and Conservative confusion

By David Bartlett on Mar 22, 09 08:30 PM in


Just like the Conservatives are a bit confused over whether or not they are planning to cut inheritance tax if they take power, so too is the BBC over how to spell the plural of Tory.

I noticed the unusual spelling on the BBC News channel this evening, shame then that an article on the same subject on the Beeb's website uses the more usual "Tories" spelling.

DISCLAIMER: If you take a fine tooth comb to every article I've ever written no doubt you would be able to pick out the odd spelling or grammatical mistake.


Today we reported the collapse of one of the bizarrest political libel cases in a long time.

Bahram Noorani, a Greasby-based Iranian Conservative, had tried to sue Dick Calver, the former chairman of Wirral West Conservative Association for an email sent by Mr Calver to up to 30 members of the local party's executive committee which was allegedly libellous.

It supposedly implied Mr Noorani made a series of nuisance silent phone calls and instigated other, more sinister, malicious calls to Mr Calver. The speaker - later revealed to be a 16-year-old boy - said he was an "acid expert from Widnes" who was going to visit Mr Calver's home to test the effects of acid on his wife's face.

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