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The Euro elections are just four days away.

UKIP and the Greens are currently trying to out do each other in their claims to be "the only party that can keep the BNP out" in the North West.

While Labour look like they are heading for a drubbing.

An ICM survey for the Sunday Telegraph Labour in third place for the first time since 1987 on just 22% - three points behind the Lib Dems and 18 behind the Conservatives.

The poll put the Greens on 11% and UKIP on 10%, about 7 points down on its showing in earlier polls. The BNP was on 5%.


Today will hopefully be a day of celebration for Everton fans like myself.

But the sense of achievement in our club reaching it's first final in 14 years is bitter sweet for some because of the lack of tickets for the showpiece event.

I, like many fans, would have loved to have been at Wembley today.


Famous Liverpool lawyer Rex Makin has stirred things up today with his ECHO column.

He asks whether Liberal Democrat Steve Hurst acted alone when delivering smear leaflets which saw him convicted of election law.

He writes: "A senior Lib-Dem suggested to me that he could not have committed the offence without others being involved.


The Greens human rights spokesman Peter Tatchell was in Liverpool last night to campaign with his party and attend a gay an lesbian film festival at FACT.

Tatchell, who left defected from Labour in 2000, told Dale Street Blues that the race for the last seat in the European Parliamentary vote next week will be between the Greens and the BNP.

There are of course only eight seats up for grabs this year, down from nine, because of European expansion.


Dale Street Blues readers will remember that last week Claire Cutis-Thomas put out a preemptive statement about her expenses.

We now know that she claimed £9,000 for a fire escape in her second home in her constituency, which doubles as her office and was paid £4,000.

She also submitted claims for £12,000 for her kitchen and hall, and £20 for bank charges when overdrawn.

A letter from a reader

By David Bartlett on May 26, 09 02:40 PM in

I got this email from a reader the other day and thought readers might find it interesting. It pretty much sums up last week.


So congratulations it is then to Wirral Council, which has the highest number of councillors of any authority outside London using social networking site Twitter to communicate with the electorate.

Wirral currently has eight councillors using Twitter, all of whom are Conservatives.

The borough is closely followed by Liverpool which has seven using Twitter, all of whom bar one (Labour's Louise Baldock) are Liberal Democrats.


Louise Baldock has posted on whether she should continue to blog in the wake of her resignation for calling Liberal Democrats "b******s" on her blog.

She wonders whether she should take one of the three courses of action:

1. Vanilla entries that offend no-one (but which maybe no-one reads? Would you still come if there was never anything remotely controversial?)
2. Anonymous blogging (and just hope to heaven that no-one finds out who wrote it, because they always do in the end you know, you have been warned!)
3. Keep on keepin' on, but try harder to steer away from the ice-bergs.

FORMER civil servant and diplomat Ben Chapman was the first ever Labour MP to represent Wirral South.

The seat's hitherto dyed-in-the-wool blue voters saw him as the acceptable face of the New Labour movement.

Its previous incumbent Barry Porter had been relied upon by the Conservatives to deliver majorities of 8,000 or more.

MPs' expenses scandal survey

By David Bartlett on May 21, 09 06:46 PM in

The Daily Post is asking readers for their views on the MPs' expenses scandal.

We want you to tell us your views on the subject - how you feel about your MP, whether you trust them, whether your political leanings are being swayed by the daily headlines revealing fresh examples of political representatives cashing in on their roles.

We have set up a short survey, which also allows you to also leave your comments on the subject. It should take just a few minutes of your time to complete and our findings - your opinions and comments - will be published and passed to our region's MPs.

Please take the survey by clicking HERE.

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