Why I cancelled my subscription to The Economist

By David Bartlett on Jun 30, 09 11:54 PM in


With a heavy heart I cancelled my subscription to The Economist tonight.

My wife bought me a subscription to the publication for our first wedding anniversary (we will have been married five years next month).

For a number of months now it has landed on our door mat on a Friday and went unopened for days or sometimes went straight to the recycling basket.

I've always been a fan of The Economist's journalism and found it very informative (when I read it).

What is it about human nature that we put off decisions? I've known for months now that I hardly ever read it, but the truth was I enjoyed it arriving at home and having it the on the off chance I might pick it up, but I seldom did.

The truth is that I was just too busy to read it. It's a great shame, but it's hard to justify £29 a quarter for something you don't read anymore.

Part of me feels like I'm letting the journalistic fraternity down - should I have continued paying my subs and not reading it?

It's not all bad news for journalism though. Having been impressed with the UK launch of technology and science magazine Wired, I will be taking out a subscription. It's published monthly so hopefully I'll find time to read it.


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