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Tony Woodley, joint leader of Unite, drew huge cheers from delegates at the Brighton gathering when he urged the rest of the country to do the same.

Holding up a copy of today's edition, with its front page headline 'Labour's Lost It', Mr Woodley said: "We don't need an Australian/American coming to our country with a paper that has never supported any progressive policies from our party, including the minimum wage, telling us how politics should be run in this country."

Mr Woodley, who is from Liverpool, said people in his home city knew what to do with The Sun.

Most exciting moment of Labour party conference 2009?


The Sun newspaper is tomorrow ditching the Labour party and coming out in favour of the Conservatives.

Having the backing of the Sun is seen as crucial to the success of political parties, the paper is of course still extremely unpopular in Merseyside, but is still the country's biggest selling daily.

I've commented in the past on the way Gordon Brown can never regain the initiative, and here is another example.

On a day when he does just about enough in his conference speech then this happens.

Another (fatal) hammer blow to his premiership.

Liberal Democrats in Liverpool have been called to a rapidly convened "special" meeting on Friday.

I am told that high on the agenda will be the investigation launched into the appointment of Colin Eldridge's girlfriend at the council.

Another issue is likely to be regeneration select committee chairman Eddie Clein's comments after he demanded a report on the "pros and cons" of Liverpool's presence at next year's World Expo in Shaghai.

No doubt there will be other topics up for discussion.

I would not normally blog on group meetings as they happen fairly routinely, but I am told this was one was specially convened...


This photograph of Liverpool's regeneration leader Cllr Peter Millea may help in part explain today's announcement that plans to pedestrianise Castle Street in the city centre have been dropped.

The picture was taken in September 2005 when the street was closed for European car-free day.

As you can see the street is deserted but traffic is backed up in Dale Street.

Liverpool Council was heavily criticised for this at the time (before I worked at the Post and ECHO).


The race for the Wavertree parliamentary seat just got a little bit more interesting today.

Wannabe MP Lib Dem Colin Eldridge is in the firing line after his girlfriend Laura Gilmore was given a £30,000 a year job in the executive members' office.

No one else was interviewed for the temporary post.

For the full details click HERE to read my colleague Marc Waddington's report.

I'm not going to get into the rights and wrongs of this one, but undoubtedly this will be used against him in his campaign against sitting Labour MP and former minister Jane Kennedy.


You've got to admire Southampton and the way they have jumped to defend their port business.

In fact the level of ferocity of anti-Liverpool sentiment that has been stoked up betrays the fact that Southampton is genuinely worried.

And so it should be. When you look at what Liverpool has to offer compared to Southampton, there is no comparison.


Liverpool Council leader Warren Bradley has expanded on his views that the North West Development Agency.

The private sector has come out fighting in support of the NWDA.

And below is Cllr Bradley's response.

There will undoubtedly be whispers that MP Stephen Hesford has resigned so that he can spend more time preparing to defend his narrow majority in Wirral West.

That will be a side-effect of his decision, but I don't believe it was the over-ridding factor.

I have to say Mr Hesford is not someone I have dealt with very often, in fact today was the first time we've spoken, so I can't profess to say I know him very well.

But here are some observations.


Wirral West MP Stephen Hesford has resigned from his job as an aide over the Attorney General Baroness Scotland's breach of immigration law.

The Labour MP states that while he likes Baroness Scotland he believes that she has to stand down.

His letter below gives all the details behind his resignation.


Liverpool Labour leader Joe Anderson has written to Nick Clegg borrowing the "cigarette paper between us" joke from David Cameron.

He starts by congratulating the Liberal Democrats for the party's proposals to clamp down on fat cat pay and waste.

It goes on: "Yours is a noble pursuit in which we all must share, and one which seems to leave barely a cigarette paper between us - on this issue at least.

"Since we share this ambition, I thought I should write and invite you to begin this clamp down on fat cat pay and squandering of public money here in Liverpool, where the Lib Dem administration appear to have a problem with yours and my ambitions. They, of course, believe that wasting money and paying "fat cat salaries", as you call it, is how the city of Liverpool should be run.

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