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Yet more bad news for Luciana Berger's campaign to keep Wavertree Labour.

The Mail on Sunday have lifted the lid on more discontent in the Labour party and Unison from elements that were angered by her selection over their candidate Liverpool councillor Wendy Simon.

The story can be read HERE.

As the quote from the Labour party makes clear no one has made an official complaint. And they are not likely to. One member told me that anyone who made an official complaint would be mad to do so.

vickikellaway.jpgI'm a 27-year-old woman and until I moved to Liverpool two years ago, I'll admit I knew next to nothing about Bill Shankly.

Now, of course, I can quote Shanks verbatim. I can recite the ingredients for a pan of Scouse, I generally pronounce Kirkby correctly and most days I can tell the difference between Alex Curran and Amanda Harrington.


Council meetings at Liverpool Council could often be compared with a comedy sketch.

It would be unfair to compare the current top management to the bumbling brigade of men in the TV comedy Dad's Army.

But council leader Warren Bradley told the assembled troops at the full council that he was worried that the local authority could end up being run by Dad's Army.

I thought I heard someone whisper "we're doomed".


Today we find ourselves having a laugh with Labour's Wavertree hopeful Luciaina Berger about her lack of local knowledge.

Earlier this week Peter Kilfoyle criticised her for not having enough local knowledge, so the ECHO decided to put her to the test.

The result, she doesn't know who Bill Shankly is or who performed Ferry Across the Mersey.

andrewhodson.jpgYou couldn't make this up if you tried.

Wirral hosts a meal to celebrate it's year of food and drink and the mayor Cllr Andrew Hodson splits his trousers.

He told guests at the Cowshed restaurant at the Wheatsheaf in Raby last night that he had enjoyed his meal so much he had literally split his trousers.

floclucas.jpgLast week the Liberal Democrat administration on Liverpool City Council announced its budget proposals.

These included a council tax freeze, a cut in the pay bill for senior council officers and a focus on protecting front-line services.

As the executive member for finance, this has been my major piece of work for the past year. Our budget has been influenced by our Lib Dem values, by the current economic situation and by what the citizens of Liverpool have told us they wanted.

The current economic situation was well illustrated by Frank Field's (Labour MP for Birkenhead) article in the Liverpool Echo recently. The deficit, rate of inflation, and the 'necessity for (government) cuts' that he outlined gave powerful food for thought.


The Labour party has descended into civil war over Luciana Berger's success in winning the candidacy for Wavertree.

Last night Walton MP Peter Kilfoyle broke cover branding Miss Berger a "student politician" and questioned her support for Israel, views she shares with Jane Kennedy, the outgoing Wavertree MP who supported her campaign.

Mr Kilfoyle and Ms Kennedy may well have history, but his intervention has merely added fuel to a fire that was already alight since the decision was announced on Sunday.

He has given voice to a feeling of discontent shared with others in the local Labour party.

Came into work this morning to find this picture on my email, couldn't help but laugh.

The poster of David Cameron has been modified thousands of times and here is one from a Liverpool Labour party supporter.

Click HERE to make your own.

For the sake of balance if any Lib Dem wants to send me one of their own do get in touch, but it must be amusing.


Stephen Hesford's decision to stand down at the general election from his highly marginal seat of Wirral West provokes a number of questions.

It comes just four months after he quit as an aide to Attorney General Baroness Scotland after she breached immigration law but was allowed to remain in post.

At the time he said it was an old fashioned "point of principle" resignation, but cynics said he was looking for an excuse to stand down so he could spend more time in Wirral.

So after months of waiting the Wavertree constituency Labour party has chosen Luciana Berger to be their candidate for the general election.

I understand that she won comfortably against Wendy Simon and Joyce Still.

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