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denisknowles.jpgWhen a press released dropped in my inbox from Wallasey MP Angela Eagle's team about alleged homophobia from a Wirral Conservative I knew there was only one way it was going to end - in tears.

And so it proved. My colleague Liam Murphy, who covers the Wirral, reports on the antics of Cllr Denis Knowles, who last year defected from Labour, in today's paper.

As you can see from the screen grab he is bang to rights. But that didn't stop him trying to deny it to Liam.

labservativebillboard.jpgAs we gear up for the election there will be countless political advertising campaigns.

The Liberal Democrats are the latest to make waves with their Labservative phony party campaign.

The Labservatie site features an amusing video where Gordon Brown and David Cameron keep morphing into each other (Gavid Camerown) and other political figures while they talk about maintaining the status quo of the country being governed by either the Conservatives or Labour.

hiltonhotel.jpgLast night the City of Liverpool Conservatives held a dinner at the Hilton hotel.

So far so normal you're thinking. Not quite. It's worth pointing out that 150 people turned up. A few years ago it would have been unthinkable for the Tories to organise such a gathering.

Even taking into account that we are just weeks away from the General Election and the dinner was held to raise funds to fight seats across Merseyside, it is still a sign of renewed confidence from the party that has spent so long in the wilderness in Liverpool.

Mephedrone.jpgWe're into full social panic mode on killer legal drug Mephedrone, AKA MCAT or Meow meow, now and Liverpool Riverside MP Louise Ellman has borne the brunt of one of the latest stories.

She finds herself in the spotlight after it was revealed her son Sean, 37, is the owner of Dr Hermans which sells the legal high.

She's come out strongly saying she "disapproves" of his activities. It's one of those hugely embarrassing stories for an elected politician, but realistically there is not much she could have done.

Ms Ellman is safe in Riverside though, and this will have little effect on her being re-elected to parliament in the General Election.

Read more on the story HERE.

elliegellard150.jpgWill it be Twitter wot won it? Well, the short answer... No. But unlike any previous election, social media will play a significant role in the fight for the keys to No. 10. Twitter, Facebook and numerous political blogs have all become the refuge of the political geek.

Many question whether the analysis, comment and debate on these sites is in fact worth anything at all. Is it just the political "twitterati" talking to themselves?

Will a trending hashtag really win over a swing voter in Pendle?

eldridgeposter.jpgEagle eyed readers may have spotted Colin Eldridge's billboard posters that have gone up in the Liverpool Wavertree constituency.

The Liberal Democrat is clearly leaving nothing to chance as he aims to prise the seat from Labour.

But the question we all really want to know the answer to is whether he's been airbrushed like David Cameron?

steverotheram.jpgNo surprise that Liverpool's former Lord Mayor Steve Rotheram won the Labour candidacy for Walton.

It all be guarantees that he will be the next MP for the ultra-safe seat, where he will replace Peter Kilfoyle.

But the level of his victory is astonishing. Cllr Rotheram crushed his rivals. His four rivals could only muster 12 votes to his 101.

Like I've said previously it was never in doubt once his name was on the ballot paper, but he will be pleased to have won so decicively.

Sending Cllr Rotheram to parliament will however, leave Liverpool Labour leader Joe Anderson with a big hole to fill on his frontbench, as Cllr Rotheram is the party's culture spokesman.

Read more on the story HERE.

Hot on the heels of Liberal Democrat Colin Eldridge getting told off by Michael Shields family for using them on a leaflet, today the Daily Post's business editor Bill Gleeson gets stuck in.

In his letter from the editor on the opening page of the Daily Post's business magazine Gleeson gets into full flow.

Gleeson's foray into the political scene may be indicative that some of the wider public think that attacks on Luciana Berger have gone too far.

When Liverpool Labour set up its new website a few months ago it remained to be seen how much the party would tolerate differing views.

The Speaker's Corner section was intended to be a place for sensible discussions.

So it is to the party's credit that it has given the space over to Liam Fogarty, who campaigns for a Mayor for Liverpool.

colineldridge100.jpgBad news for the Liberal Democrat's Liverpool Wavertree candidate Colin Eldridge in the form of some stinging criticism from Michael Shield's family.

Michael's mum Maria says she is disgusted by the use of the family on a Lib Dem leaflet.

She said the family was appraoched by Cllr Eldridge for the picture when news of Michael's release from jail was imminent and the family were taking pictures with everyone if it meant Michael would be home quicker.

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