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lappinmemorial.jpgJoseph Lappin lived life and pursued his dreams in the full knowledge that he may one day have to lay down his life for his country.

But his life was cut short before he ever had the chance to join the army he so wished to be a part of.

For one so young to be grown-up enough as to be able to confront his own mortality to then lose his life so pointlessly makes this case all the more tragic.

Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson has revealed he will lose £19,000 by becoming a full time leader.

He's just been on the Phillips phone-in and told listeners that had he kept his social worker job in Sefton he would have kept his £40,000 salary.

Add to that the £21,000 he was entitled to as leader, and his basic of £10,000 for being a councillor he would have been on a total of £71,000.

There is unholy row going on after today's revelation that Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson is to be paid double the wage of his predecessor to reflect he is doing the job full time.

Emails have been flying around behind the scenes.

Below I copy a press release from Libearl Democrat leader Warren Bradley, in response to the council's press release, which I've copied below:

Merseyrail says get on yer bike

By David Bartlett on Jun 28, 10 09:59 PM in


The Tory/Lib Dem coaltion may be repeating Norman Tebbit's mantra and telling workers to get on yer bike.

Regular users of the Merseyrail network will have noticed that the train operator is planning to do the same thing, well, sort of.

Dalestreet.jpgWalk down Liverpool's Dale Street and you won't help but notice the pavement being ripped up.

The council are in the process of smartening up the pavements in the one of busiest streets in Liverpool's business district.

And it's not before time that this important street (which gave it's name to this blog, scroll to the bottom of the page if you don't know why) was spruced up.

Mending the pavements is all well and good, but what about the fabric of the street - its buildings?

dmiliband.jpgLabour leadership contender David Miliband will visit Merseyside tomorrow to drum up support for his campaign.

The shadow foreign secretary will visit South Wirral High School before traveling to Liverpool for a meeting with activists.

Mr Miliband will hold a question and answer session with West Derby Mp Stephen Twigg at the Devonshire Houste Hotel.

The meeting is open to the public including people who are not members of the Labour party.

The gathering at the hotel in Edge Lane starts at around 7.30pm.

stevemunbyflowers.jpgPosing for pictures with flowers is probably not what Steve Munby had in mind when he came into politics.

But ahem publicity stunts are part and package of being a cabinet member on a big city council.

Cllr Munby, elected to serve Riverside since 1998 is now cabinet member for neighbourhood services in the new Labour administration, is known no nonsense approach.

Not known for being a shrinking violet Cllr Munby does not look too pleased to be on the snap to promote free hanging basket for city residents.

The honeymoon enjoyed by the Labour party in Liverpool is probably going to start coming to an end today after a huge shake-up of social services was announced.

Nine out of 12 day centres are set to close, and the three remaining will be refurbished as super community hubs.

There will also be changes to care homes, which will become rehab centres for people leaving hospital.

And the way people with "moderate" needs are assessed will also change.

Emergency budget liveblog

By David Bartlett on Jun 22, 10 09:46 AM in

The waiting is almost over, today we find out just how severe the coalition cuts are going to be in the emergency budget.

The Daily Post and Echo is running a liveblog to bring you the latest analysis and debate as George Osbourne delivers the news.

It will be on the newspapers main websites from just after noon.

Liverpool Daily Post and Liverpool ECHO.

alanmanning[1].jpgDuring the last recession, Mrs Thatcher had a saying known as TINA: "There is no alternative".

As a result of this 'philosophy', manufacturing industry in the North West was decimated, millions were made jobless and a whole generation were consigned to the scrapheap.

It looks as though history is now repeating itself.

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