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WHISPER the name Javier Mascherano to Liverpool fans and loyal is not likely to be one of the words that will be used to describe the midfielder this week.

Anfield legend John Aldridge articulated the feeling of many fans when he said the player's refusal to face Manchester City on Monday night was selfish and unprofessional - he had let the club down badly.

HOTELIERS in Liverpool this week have been pondering whether there are too many hotels in the city.

Planning permission was granted for 340 extra rooms this week.

There has been a small stirring in Liberal Democrat circles about the defection of their former colleague Ian Jobling.

Cllr Paul Twigger tells us via twitter that "today I will mainly be sticking to my principles and staying exactly where I am".

joe_anderson_ian_jobling.jpgLiverpool Labour leader Joe Anderson welcomes defecting Liberal Democrat Ian Jobling.

Last month Liberal Democrat leader in Liverpool Warren Bradley warned that the coalition would wreck his party and that many of his number were contemplating defecting.

And so today Ian Jobling has become the first to cross the floor in Liverpool.

The Picton ward councillor, who also sits on the police authority, says he can't stomach the coalition's cuts.

IT'S TEMPTING to celebrate the demise of Merseyside's speed camera network.

The region's 90 cameras are staying in place, but the number actually operating at any one time will be significantly reduced because of a 27% cut to road safety budgets.

Much has been written this week about the coalition's first 100 days in government.

It's been dubbed by some as the 'breakneck coalition' because of the sheer speed the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have thrown themselves into cutting budgets and reforming Whitehall.

Wirral has become the latest Merseyside council to jettison its chief executive.

Steve Maddox is taking retirement, just like Liverpool council's chief executive Colin Hilton did in May.

colineldridge100.jpgAt the special Lib Dem conference after the General Election I voted to support the coalition for a number of reasons, not least the possibility of electoral reform. Whilst the Alternative Vote system (AV) is not a system of proportional representation (PR) it is a step in the right direction.

The Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill was introduced to the House of Commons by Nick Clegg on the 22nd July 2010. It has a number of clauses which will be of interest to anyone with an interest in Merseyside politics.

paulbrant150.jpgIn the words of one unnamed Government minister, if you think you've seen cuts, 'you aint seen nothing yet'. George Osborne has told ministers to prepare for between 25-40% cuts in the next few years. Even the Thatcher Government didn't attempt anything like this scale of cuts.

As a newly elected Labour council we are committed to trying to minimise the impact on frontline services, but this means that we must take steps now to prepare for the tsunami of cuts which we are about to be hit with.

Every now and then you find something out about a person that takes you a little by surprise.

Last night I stumbled upon a Twitter conversation between one of Liverpool's newest councillors Tom Morrison (some may know him for having run Colin Eldridge's failed attempt to get elected to represent Liverpool Wavertree) and Labour campaigner Stephanie Till.

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