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davies-golden-penis.jpgThis picture first appeared on Liberal Democrat Voice.

Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies won the flying penis award after being named Politician of the Year at the Erotic Awards 2010 for speaking up for sex workers. His team joked at Lib-Dem conference about trying to make sure no pictures got out of him with said award.

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alison_mcgovern_hs.jpgThere was another chance to see our great new leader on the platform today as Ed Miliband took part in a Q&A.

Our Labour friend, the marvellous Eddie Izzard, chaired the session, and also spoke briefly (but passionately) about Labour having made Britain a better place.

One result of the Labour party leadership election has been that the party has disclosed the exact number of members in each Constituency Labour Party.

In Liverpool the breakdown is as follows:

One of Labour's most foremost campaigners in Liverpool has been selected to replace Walton MP Steve Rotheram when he steps down from the city council next year.

Daniel Hughes, who has taken great delight in recent times in running campaigns to take seats off the Liberal Democrats, will be the party's candidate in Fazakerley.

Mr Hughes, who works for the Eagle sisters, will be running Labour's campaign in marginal seats that the party wants to take to increase its majority on the council in next year's local elections.

Even before the Daily Post and ECHO had reported the findings of the damning report into Liverpool Direct Limited, the company was already briefing staff that the article would be misleading.

Here is a statement that appeared on LDL's internal intranet on Friday. A similarly worded message appeared on the council's own intranet and was sent to Labour councillors this week.

alison_mcgovern_hs.jpgIt was a massive day for all of us in Labour today. After a long leadership contest, with much debate and thought, Ed Miliband emerged the winner.

Today he had to show us why we made the right choice. He needed to come out fighting and rally the troops. And he had to show the public we mean business.

Honestly, I was nervous for him. As I sat in the hall, waiting for him to come on, I thought about how he must be feeling. Being new to my job, I can well imagine the butterflies, the dry throat, re-reading the speech a thousand times.

alison_mcgovern_hs.jpgWhilst the big news on the conference floor was David Miliband's warm words for his brother, this evening I spoke at a fascinating fringe run by the Co-operative Party about football ownership.

We in Merseyside need no reminders about why politicians should care about who owns football clubs, but some colleagues from across the country were less convinced.

Thankfully Dave Boyle from Supporters' Direct was on hand to make the case forcefully not only for the social value of football, but also for the vital importance of democratic involvement of supporters in their clubs.

Liverpool Direct Limited has been a controversy for years now.

Today we lift the lid on a secret report that lays bare the level of public money that appears to be being thrown down the drain on the joint venture.

The report would appear to give the council the ammunition to either drive a very hard bargain with BT or pull out all together.

david_miliband.jpgSpare a thought for David Miliband.

Those times his brother Ed urged him not to challenge Gordon Brown.

alison_mcgovern_hs.jpgI've just left the Labour Women's summit at the grand Manchester Town Hall. This massive fringe event brought together over 700 Labour women from everywhere in Britain.

As you might expect, the mood was demanding. Lots of the speakers from the floor were concerned about Government cuts: women are disproportionately in roles like teaching assistants and police community support office, and are facing risk of redundancy and uncertainty. Add to this the analysis from the House of Commons Library that Yvette Cooper told us about, showing that of £8bn of cuts in Osborne's budget, £6bn will be paid by women. Not fair, George.

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