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richard_kemp.jpgLIVERPOOL Liberal Democrat Richard Kemp is widely regarded as one of the best orators at the town hall.

He is also the leader of the Lib-Dems on the Local Government Association from where he is becoming accomplished at dispensing barbed comments about the coalition.

Branding local government minister Grant Shapps and his boss Eric Pickles Laurel and Hardy sums up how many councillors feel about the pair and the cuts their department has handed down.

Last month I posted a blog about Liverpool looking back to the 1980s with trade unionists demanding the council defy the coalition.

Today we find ourselves reporting that Tony Mulhearn, former president of the Liverpool district Labour party and Militant member, has written to Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson with more of the same.

Once more Cllr Anderson totally rejects the idea in a strongly worded response.

Here are the letter, signed by Mr Mulhearn and six others of the 47 councillors that were surcharged, and Cllr Anderson's response:


Something to cheer you up. Due to popular demand here is a cut out and keep of yesterday's page three in the ECHO.

Liverpool town hall is known as being one of the most tribal crucibles in politics.

The leaders of the two main parties - Labour and Liberal Democrat - often trade incredibly personal insults.

It is a known fact that council leader and Joe Anderson and Liberal Democrat leader Warren Bradley despise each other.

So to see the parties agreeing to come together to prepare a joint budget for next year to deal with the huge government cuts is some thing of a surprise, to say the least.

As we all know there is precious little public money available for, well, virtually anything.

Today Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson will today unveil his masterplan for promoting the city to the world.

'One Plan' will focus on delivering "transformational" events and projects that help showcase Liverpool as a world class city.

We all remember how the city pulled together for Capital of Culture. If it has been done once it can be done again.

Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson tonight has branded the local government settlement financial trickery that will see the biggest cuts in services since 1945.

"As a result, many roads will go unrepaired, potholes unfixed and streets unswept. Youth clubs will close and libraries will shut," he says.

Alongside his deputy Paul Brant the council has gone on the offensive this evening.

One contact reckons it is the best crafted council statement he's seen in a long time.

Here is the full statements from the pair:

I suspect that today's localism bill will be overshadowed in Liverpool by the announcement of the local government settlement.

The reality is that without reform to the way councils are funded and their ability, or inability more accurately, to raise money today's announcement falls short of the revolution we are promised.

The government claims to have already given councils greater financial freedom by removing controls over how £7bn can be spent. Cynics within local government see this as an easy way to shift the blame when difficult decisions have to be taken.

UPDATE: Cathy Newman of Channel 4 provides some more evidence on how this will work on the Fact Check blog, Sure Start is a great example.

Today the city council's Liverpool Direct Limited scutiny panel was supposed to be receiving a report on the contract investigations/negotiations.

But the meeting has been cancelled because the report is not ready and in any event has to go to the city's cabinet.

I am told that looking into the deal has proved more involved than first anticipated since the secret £10m rip-off report first came to light, not least because many of the people in charge departed in the summer.

chris_davies_450.jpgNorth West Euro MP Chris Davies has told his Lib-Dem colleagues to be tough b******s in today's vote on tuition fees.

In his latest note from Brussels he warns the party of appearing to be split on the issue.

Here is the text:

tuc_christmas_card.jpgThis is the cheeky Christmas card that the North West TUC is sending out to Liberal Democrat MPs.

The cards will be arriving with the likes of Southport's MP John Pugh as the party picks over the fallout from today's tuition fees vote.

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