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I'm sure many of you have already seen the footage of David Cameron telling Angela Eagle to calm down dear at Prime Minister's Questions, but in case you want to watch it again here it is.

The row over Gary Millar's defection to Labour continues today with Warren Bradley blaming it on dirty politics in the Liberal Democrats.

Cllr Bradley says Cllr Millar was shocked at the way Cllr Bradley had been treated and eventually suspended over the election fraud row.

The ex-leader also hits out at Mike Storey and Richard Kemp. The word 'division' does not do justice to the turmoil currently swirling around the Lib Dems in Liverpool.

Read the full story HERE.

GaryMillar.jpgGary Millar tonight quit the Liberal Democrats for Labour saying the party was in a mess locally and nationally.

The Liverpool councillor, who co-owns Parr Street Studios and represents Old Swan said said he had been motivated by broken promises of the Lib-Dems in coalition and turmoil in the local party.

Below you can read his full defection statement which DSB has exclusively.

He will be handed a newly created post of assistant cabinet member for business working alongside council leader Joe Anderson - a sign of how well respected he is on both sides of the council chamber.

His defection will come as a hammer blow to the Lib-Dems still reeling after Warren Bradley resigned as group leader and was later suspended by the party last week over the nomination of his son Daniel to stand in next month's elections.

That Cllr Millar, a charismatic and non-tribal politician, was seen as a possible leadership contender will further compound the pain.

Here is his full defection statement:

Liverpool Liberal Democrat leader Warren Bradley has today sensationally resigned after he found himself at the centre of a possible election fraud probe.

Here is his resignation email in full:

From: Warren Bradley
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 11:51:54
Subject: Media Reports

bradleyform.jpgThis is the nomination form that has landed Liverpool Liberal Democrat leader Warren Bradley at the centre of an investigation into possible election fraud.

At the top of the paper is a signature that is supposed to be that of his son Daniel, although Daniel denies it is his.

At the bottom is that of Cllr Bradley who witnessed the form.

Read the full story HERE.

As if things could not have got worse for the Liverpool Liberal Democrats their leader Warren Bradley now finds himself at the centre of an inquiry into possible election fraud.

The interesting thing will be to see how the party reacts. As we know Nick Clegg is no fan of Cllr Bradley. Will he act on Labour's demand for Cllr Bradley to be suspended?

EDITH PIAF'S famous cri de coeur might well provide a soundtrack to the infighting that has been unleashed among the Liberal Democrats in Liverpool this week.

Group leader Warren Bradley's barbed email attack on Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has sparked angry recriminations within the party.

Simmering divisions which are usually aired after elections have come to the fore, and we are still weeks away from polling day.

Cllr Bradley says he has no regrets about sending the email, though. And Clegg has no regrets about entering a coalition that has seen his party's popularity plummet.

I am delighted to hear that Belvedere Academy in Liverpool have won BBC Schools Question Time.

The school is joined by St Ninians of the Isle of Mann, and students from both schools will now help produced BBC Question Time.

In March I took part in a question time style debate at the school as part of the competition.

From: Bradley, Warren


Dear Nick and the Parliamentarians,

I have to date kept my frustrations and criticisms based on policy rather than just having a go because I don't want to be in bed with the Tories; unfortunately the boil is about to come to a head and burst (probably on election night) when we lose some very well respected and experienced colleagues from Liverpool City Council.

The Labour and Trade Union movement are saturating the streets of Liverpool, even in our heartlands.

Dale Street Associates

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