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I'm all in favour of employers praising their staff when they do a good job.

But Liverpool Direct Limited risks showing just how out of touch with reality it has become, by throwing a big barbecue to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Around 400 guests have been invited to the bash at the Marriott Hotel.

The council and LDL have tried to defend the event saying that joint venture partner BT will be picking up the tab, hardly the point.

Malcolm Kennedy, Liverpool council's cabinet member for regeneration and transport, has launched a new blog.

The aptly titled Regeneration Matters can be read HERE.

I have high hopes that Cllr Kennedy, a thoughtful and experienced member of the city's ruling Labour cabinet, will provide a useful insight on his blog.

In his inaugural post he describes his thinking:

patrickhurleysmall.jpgPatrick Hurley is Labour's new councillor for Mossley Hill ward on Liverpool council. You can find him @patrick_hurley on Twitter.

How old are you? 

What job do you do? 
Insurance clerk

What interests/hobbies you have outside politics and the Labour party? 
Theatre and eating out. And I read far too many books for my own good.

The days of three hour train journeys to London are happily well behind us.

We can now zip along to the capital in two hours and eight minutes.

This is thanks in part to the massively expensive £8bn West Coast Main Line and Virgin's tilting Pendolino trains that shoot down the rails at 125mph.

vincecable450.jpgBusiness Secretary Vince Cable today apologised to his Liberal Democrat colleagues in Liverpool for the "battering" the party took at the local elections.

The Lib-Dems lost 11 of 13 seats they were defending earlier this month to Labour. Labour are now firmly in control of the council with 62 seats, the Lib-Dems now have just 22 (including suspended former leader Warren Bradley).

I caught up with Mr Cable in Liverpool today. He said: "We have taken a battering and I am very sorry about it.

"They are great people, there are a lot of things in Liverpool we are proud to have delivered here.

lrc.jpgLaura Robertson-Collins was elected to represent Greenbank ward on Liverpool council earlier this month.

How old are you?
45, and mother of 3 children, Gemma, Thomas and Bethany, oldest 2 are now away at University, & youngest is at Calderstones School.

What job do you do?
Senior Union Support Officer (SUSO) at the TUC's unionlearn - working to promote learning in the workplace through our affiliate trade unions - for union members and all employees in the region.

What interests/hobbies you have outside politics and the Labour party?
Does that mean i cant count leafletting then?? - ok - walking, cycling, garden - as a working mum, not much time for anything once the politics is also done.

What will the world be like in 30 years time?

It certainly is hard to visualise Liverpool in 2041.

If Peel Holdings gets its way the city's northern docklands will be populated with skyscrapers.

Today the company has been criticised by Cabe for not providing enough detail in its outline planning application for the £5.5bn Liverpool Waters plan.

Reading page seven of the ECHO today sent a shiver down my spine.

That a runaway train was five seconds away from crashing into a train full of passengers on Merseyrail is absolutely incredible.

Rightly, Merseyrail has been fined £85,000 for the massive failure.

Readers will know that I use Merseyrail every day to get to work in Old Hall Street. Many commuters will also be shocked to read the story. We get on the train every morning and evening and it never crosses your mind that someone might have effectively forgotten to apply the brakes to a train.

jakemorrison.jpgJake Morrison represents Wavertree ward on Liverpool council. Find him on Twitter @JakeLabour.

How old are you?
18 - The youngest ever Liverpool City Councillor!

What job do you do?
Healthcare Assistant at the Royal Liverpool Hospital, and now, I represent the people of Wavertree.

What interests/hobbies you have outside politics and the Labour party?
Working full time and being a councillor doesn't leave much spare time ... but I go for a drive when my head is chocker. Outside of politics I like to meet the people I now represent. I like to listen to their stories and have a gab, I like to visit the local churches and meet people, I like to play bingo with the local pensioners, it is what I am about!

pcguest.jpgI spent about one third of my life (so far) as a member of Liverpool City Council until I lost my Greenbank seat on May 5th.

From 1984 onwards, I had resisted regular invitations to become directly involved in local politics. Four years as a parent governor at my children's primary school convinced me otherwise. I concluded that getting elected was the best means to try to effect positive change in the City's Education Service which was a low priority for the Council's then Labour administration.

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