Dale Farm eviction is a victory for common sense

By Blue Labourite on Oct 19, 11 01:44 PM in Labour

The riot police moved into Dale Farm in Essex this morning in a victory for the overwhelming majority of people in this country who abide by the rules.

The idea that any group of people can simply pitch up at a piece of land, claim it as their own and then live there without paying taxes on the fringes of society is ludicrous.


It as an affront to hardworking families who have been forced to make do for years because of the soaring house prices.

It is an insult to people who have legitimately bought property in the area on the back of years of hard graft.

And it is putting two fingers up at planning laws, and landing the taxpayer with a £22m bill.

Sometimes, using controlled force of the type we have seen today is necessary if we are to uphold the freedoms we enjoy as a society, which sees all its citizens as equal under the law.

Dale Street Associates

David Bartlett

David Bartlett

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