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The much anticipated day of action is upon us, and am I the only one who still isn't clear what the aim is?


I sympathise with public sector workers. The raid on their pension pot was always going to be done by a gleeful Tory party who won't be touching the Christmas bonuses of the top earning private sector bosses this year.

alderhey.jpgVAL Domnez is an 'orthopaedic practitioner' at Liverpool's world-famous Alder Hey Hospital - she puts plaster casts on children's broken limbs.
She is 46 years of age, is a single mum of two children and takes home £1600 a month, after stoppages.
On Wednesday November 30, she will go on strike for the first time in her life.

Customer relations is changing and changing fast. Whether it is driven by cost savings or a recognition that audience habits are changing, there is no disputing that the way organisations interact with their customers is very different to 5-10 years ago. Social media has simply speeded up the change. Customers now expect instant responses and want their views expressed on a public platform. The most savvy businesses know this.

I recently lambasted the driver of an international delivery company who overtook me and two other cars on a bend in a village in Lancashire. He didn't care for the fact that children were on their bikes next to the road or that the speed limit was 30mph. Disgusted with the fact that he saw it more important he meets his delivery deadline than mine and others safety, I said as much on twitter later. I was then contacted by theUKmanager of the company in question who asked me to email him the details to pass on to the driver's manager.

wavertree_leaflet1.jpgFinally we have confirmation - not that we really needed it - that the Liberal Democrats have no plans to welcome Warren Bradley back into the fold once his alleged electoral fraud case is over.

A Dale St reader emailed me a copy of this leaflet of the Lib-Dems' candidate for Wavertree Kevin White, who thinks Liverpool council are not doing enough to collect bins on time.

Cllr Bradley is due for re-election in May and currently sits as a councillor without party after having been suspended by the Lib-Dems after allegations of electoral fraud, which are still being investigated.

Earlier this month, Channel 4 Education, in partnership with high street bank Barclays launched 'The Stake' - a competition that provides young people in the UK with the chance to decide how £100k of real money is spent. The Stake will inspire young people to use their business and enterprising skills to win a slice of £100,000 prize pot to support community or business ideas that will make a difference.

Nick Clegg has been allowed to announce a £1bn scheme to get Britain's young unemployed in work, or at least learning skills so they can work.

It may be too little too late, but something has to be done - almost one in five 16 to 24-year-olds (1,163,000) are classed as NEETs - Not in Employment, Education and Training.

pb0903ee025.jpgPaul Box/

Unfortunately that figure, which came out this week, surprised few. But as we race headlong into a double dip recession, bringing on young people is unlikely to be at the top of any employer's mind.

I met with an ex-colleague last week who was in trouble at work as a result of email. I'm surprised there are not more incidences of this but then again perhaps there are, we just don't hear about them. Basically this person had reached the end of their tether over a colleague and was sending a particularly 'ranty' email to their manager only to find to their horror as they pressed send that they were so hung up on this particular person that they had inadvertently typed their name in the 'To' box by mistake. What was a difficult relationship just got worse.

Every minute of every day new culture is being created and our heritage is being updated. The World Heritage Site in Liverpool is in the centre of a living city, a city with a need to grow, to change and to develop economically.

Liverpool's northern docks are crying out for regeneration and in a world where governments are trying to wean themselves off their addiction to debt it won't be the public sector that does that regeneration. That means the private sector will have to supply the cash, but they shouldn't be the only ones supplying the ambition or the vision.

Happy Christmas from Brightmoon Media on Vimeo.

Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson and Liverpool Vision chief executive Max Steinberg star in this Down Town Liverpool in Business Christmas video, you'll have to watch to near the ned to catch them though.

Today I've reported how Liverpool was warned by Unesco it is preparing to strip the city of its World Heritage Site status unless radical changes are made to the £5.5bn skyscraper scheme.

It is precisely the news that was feared by many, you can read it HERE.

To say the city council is now between a rock and a hard place is an understatement.

It has on the one side Peel Holdings promising to create thousands of jobs and regeneration on a huge scale. Who can blame the council for wanting to encourage the development?

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