Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson defends shouting "scum" at protestor

By David Bartlett on Dec 14, 11 04:52 PM in Liverpool City Council

Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson said he has no regrets after shouting "scum" at a protestor.

A video of Cllr Anderson confronting a protestor outside the ECHO Arena has been posted Youtube.

Today he defended confronting the protestor saying he will not be bullied or intimidated.

Cllr Anderson said he was responding to shouts of "Nazi scum" as he entered the waterfront venue, with a protest taking place outside.

The video says the protest was against Conservative minister Francis Maude, who was meeting leaders in Liverpool last Friday.

Cllr Anderson: "I walked up to a fella who was shouting on his loud hailer 'Nazi scum' [at me] and said to him 'no you are scum'."

Cllr Anderson is then seen entering the arena and loud chants of 'scum, scum, scum' can be heard.

Today he said: "The irony is I agree with 95% of what they are saying, but I disagree with them shouting abuse in an obscene way.

"I don't mind talking to people but I am not going to be bullied or intimidated.

"I have been fighting for social justice for longer than some of these people have been alive."

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