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Not having a referendum on whether Liverpool wanted an elected mayor will save the taxpayer £200,000.

The cash, which had been set aside, will be used to help offset the worst ravages of the government cuts to Liverpool council, and contributes to helping to save school uniform grants, as reported today.

I was a committed Liberal Democrat member for nearly 22 years, the only political party I ever joined.

My membership lapsed on January 1st. I will not be renewing it. Anecdotally, it would seem I am not alone in reaching such a decision.

At the time I joined and for nearly all the subsequent years, this was the party whose political principles and policies most closely corresponded with my own. That is not to say I agreed with every LD policy.

Setting up a government e-petition has become a highly effective way for campaign groups to raise awareness of their causes.

The government was forced to allow a debate into the release of Hillsborough documents after massive support via an e-petition.

Liverpool council has also had the facility to create e-petitions for some time now. But a quick search shows that only four were created last year.

As we've reported today Liverpool council leader Joe Anderson is to be crowned Labour's candidate for mayor - after no one challenged him for the role.

Only formalities now stand in the way of Cllr Anderson being declared Labour's candidate.

He still has to be approved by the party's official selection committee, and there may be a vote to approve his selection. But he is now the Labour candidate in all but name (spending limits on campaigns don't kick in until candidates are officially selected).

Here is Joe Anderson's application to the Labour party for the mayoral selection:

John_Coyne_Ringo's_house.jpgTHE GREEN Party has chosen its longest serving councillor in Liverpool to run for elected mayor.

John Coyne, who has been a councillor since 2002, was unveiled as the party's candidate at their spring conference which is being held at the Adelphi Hotel until Monday.

Cllr Coyne said his campaign will focus on ending fuel poverty and stopping the demolition of houses under the failed Housing Market Renewal Initiative.

herbert_howe_with_gemma_merna.jpgCelebrity stylist Herbert Howe is getting his mayoral campaigning underway, and used his appearance with Gemma Merna at charity fashion show last night, to drum up support.

He co-hosted the event to support the Fairbridge organisation at the Metquarter with Hollyoaks star Merna, who plays Carmel McQueen in the soap.

Herbert is said to have appealed to those present to lend him their vote in May's poll.

How will that other possible independent candidate for Liverpool's first elected mayor feel about a star from the soap he created sharing a platform with Herbert?

What's in a name? Quite a lot really. Parents spend months agonising over what to call their child because names are important.

Yet despite all the brilliant minds that are engaged in finally getting Liverpool's 'Local Enterprise Partnership' up and running, a name seems to have been the last thing that was thought about.

As I've said before 'Local Enterprise Partnership' are probably the three most boring words you will read.

paul_nuttall.jpgNorth West MEP Paul Nuttall will make his BBC Question Time debut tonight, but tie will he wear?

Merseyside-born Mr Nuttall, who is deputy leader of UKIP, will be joined on the panel by Communications Minister Ed Vaizey, the Shadow Attorney General, Emily Thornberry, Daily Telegraph columnist Cristina Odone and historian Simon Schama.

Mr Nuttall, who is not just passionate about Europe but also sartorial elegance, owning more than 300 ties. Which one will he wear?

UPDATE: It was orange with blue spots.

liza_williams.jpgJOHN Ashton knows the NHS inside out.

He has been a doctor for 42 years, has written books about its history and had led public health services in the North West and currently Cumbria.

He is not a man to toe the "company line", he speaks his mind and has been a vocal critic of the coalition's Health and Social Care Bill since it was first mooted.

As he points out, there is no clause in his contract against this.

IT WOULD appear it is not just the middle classes of Surbiton who have rejected the perils of the rat race and opted for The Good Life, but those in the suburbs of south Liverpool as well.

At this week's meeting, proposals for a new waste gas burning centre in Garston stirred up objections from the local branch of Friends of the Earth and Friends of Palestine, owing to company Veolia's record running a controversial landfill in the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine.

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