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There is no doubting that politics can be a dirty business.

Celebrity stylist Herbert Howe says it is worse than show business, and today announced his shock decision to pull out of the race to be Liverpool's first elected mayor.

He says he was told 'we are going to find skeletons in your cupboard'.

The 67-year-old insists his life is an 'open book' and that there are no skeletons, instead that this made him realise just how filty politics can get.

CELEBRITY stylist Herbert has sensationally quit the race to become Liverpool mayor.

The announcement comes just two days after he launched his campaign at Liverpool's Hilton Hotel.

He had promised to take on Liverpool FC over the dereliction around Anfield stadium, clean up the city centre drinking culture, and promote young people and the elderly.

Campaign manager Berni Turner said: "It was getting too nasty, and too political. It was not why he came into it for.

"He made the decision last night. He would have been an absolutely fantastic mayor, that is why I was helping with his campaign."

George Galloway's triumph in the Bradford West by-election should shake the Labour Party to the core.

Here was a seat we've held since 1974, and we should have held onto in a dire week for the ConDems.

But instead, a maverick Respect member and one time one of our own George Galloway ran away with the constituency and a majority of more than 10,000 votes.

It is inevitable in the Liverpool mayor race that the high profile candidates will get more coverage than the independents.

However, in response to criticism that I have not given coverage here to some of the lesser known candidates here is a post about two independents who have had little exposure yet.

The first is PhD student Jonathan Maher who lives in is spelling out his ideas on his blog Let's Transform Liverpool.

Joe_Anderson_campaign_launch.jpgJoe Anderson is the frontrunner in the Liverpool mayor election, but it is clear the Labour party is leaving nothing to chance.

His slick campaign was launched at Liverpool Community College's swanky new building in Roscoe Street.

There is a very deliberate attempt to brand Joe separately to his party or council identity. The campaign has four buzzwords: committed, passionate, experienced, and determined.

SO, the question on very few people's lips has been answered, that being of whether Phil Redmond would be standing as elected mayor of Liverpool.

The answer being no.

The other question of whether he ever really had any intention of running at all is still up for debate as far as Mr Brocklebank is concerned, but the squire suspects Phil may be playing a longer-term strategy.

The mayoral race has suddenly started to get a bit more interesting this week.

Phil Redmond has finally declared that... he will not be running, instead he will be bidding to win the licence to create a new TV station for Merseyside.

Joe Anderson will launch his manifesto today with a pledge to create a mayoral education allowance of £20-a-week for 16 to 19-year-olds from low income families.

herbert_campaign_launch.jpgI can honestly say I've never previously been to a political campaign launch that ends with the candidate holding up a Louis Vuitton briefcase (in a pose similar to that of the chancellor on budget day).

The Tories may have banned pictures of their politicians with champagne. Not Herbert, the launch of his campaign to be elected mayor was a champagne reception at the Hilton Hotel.

Although we all know Herbert for his flamboyance, he did actually cover some pretty serious issues.

At one point in his speech he remarked: "I bet you didn't think I could be this serious did you?"

Liam Fogarty has become the first mayoral candidate to launch their manifesto.

The independent, who has spent the past five years campaigning for a mayor for Liverpool, offers ten big ideas.

Social media features highly in the way he would communicate with the city (it's also how his campaign is being run).

ACCORDING to a ComRes poll today, the Cam Dine with Me scandal had given Labour a 10 point advantage over the Tories.

It's good news and shows how we are connecting more with the people in this country.

The latest error of judgement from Cameron follows the same pattern of his past gaffes - it has exposed his elitism, his bedazzlement by wealth and the cosy clubbiness of how he does business.

The list of those who've broken olive and sun dried tomato artisan bread with the PM is headed by Michael Ashcroft, the peer who effectively bankrolled him into Downing Street, and a load of others you won't likely have heard of but have far too much say over Government policy.

At least we know the government has the ability to listen - now how about a whip-round for a few grand each to go along and give him his just desserts...

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