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A LIVERPOOL council employee has been suspended after an F-word outburst on the Olympics was sent from Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson's Twitter account.

The offending  tweet was posted from Mayor Anderson's official Twitter account @joeforliverpool this afternoon.

Followers were stunned to see the message which read: "Dear London,  "We're all hoping you don't f***  it up too. Come 'ed. The UK".

Within minutes the post was removed and an apology immediately issued on the mayoral account which is followed by just under 2,300 Twitter users.


WHO said Liverpool council was rubbish at recycling?

In recent weeks, the authority has been trashed for sending far too much of the city's waste to landfill rather than send it off to be put to good use once again.

Such a sore point, it would appear, that two Labour councillors put down a motion calling for a special panel to look into the problem and were slapped down by the chief whip, Cllr Alan Dean, apparently with the blessing of the Infallible Pope Joe XXIII.

Waldorf_Kemp.jpgRichard Kemp________________________________________Waldorf

It's not often Dale Street Associates gets the opportunity to do a double look-a-like handed on a plate by Twitter.

Last night Liverpool Liberal Democrat leader Richard Kemp and Labour councillor for Mossley Hill Patrick Hurley had a bit of a barny (see screenshot below).

Liverpool mayor Joe Anderson is not very happy with the reporting in today's ECHO of failures identified by the council's internal audit department.

He used the council's message of day function on the council's intranet to hit out at the story (which carried a statement from the council and which Mayor Anderson did not take the opportunity to comment on).

The message of the day 'In response to press coverage of the Annual Internal Audit Report' has been leaked to Dale Street Associates, here it is:

Claire_Wilner_wedding.jpgLabour's Merseyside's police commissioner candidate Jane Kennedy has just tweeted this picture.

I don't normally get into commenting on political leaflets, but I am going to make an exception.

This leaflet is likely to be one of the best read leaflets to get sent out in Liverpool in many a year because everyone loves a wedding.

It was Churchill who famously said that democracy was the worst form of government devised by man apart from all the others.

It isn't perfect, can be messy and cumbersome in its workings but it's the best we've got.

One of the fundamental principles on which our democracy is founded is accountability and transparency about decisions made in our name.

In his book "Ends and Means", Aldous Huxley takes 200 pages or so to illustrate two basic truths - that bad means are not justified by good ends and that when an enterprise fails, the roots of that failure can often be traced back to its having started in the wrong manner.

A clear vision with an ability to take people with him. That's pretty much the best description I could give to Graham Burgess as someone who has worked with him for the last ten years.

CITY leader Joe Anderson has appointed six councillors outside of his cabinet to help cope with the workload of being Mayor of Liverpool.

The appointments, who will be known as 'Mayoral Leads', will cover areas including elderly people, looked after children, community safety, parks and improving and measuring the council's performance.

Some of the responsibilities, such as community safety, were previously held by cabinet members.

comical_ali_dvd.jpgFORMER Liberal Democrat leader of Liverpool council Warren Bradley always knew how to motivate his troops come election time - or so he thought.

Mr Brocklebank recalls how just prior to the May polls of 2009 he complained in these pages of some of his group being 'lazy', presumably in the hope this would motivate them into dragging themselves out onto the campaign trail.

In the end, the then Cllr Bradley's plans didn't work out: the very thought of pumping leaflets through letter boxes always seems to aggravate those dodgy backs and gammy hips.

tom_morrison.jpgLocal government minister Andrew Stunell has been asked to investigate an order to Labour councillors in Liverpool not raise council shortcomings in public unless they get the permission of senior party members or city mayor Joe Anderson.

Deputy leader of the Liverpool Liberal Democrats Tom Morrison has written to Mr Stunnell following revelations on Dale Street Associates.

In his letter he states: "I am writing to you to register my concerns about a blatant disregard for local scrutiny taking place at Liverpool City Council.

Dale Street Associates

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