A good day to recycle bad news, maybe?

By Mr Brocklebank on Jul 26, 12 09:22 AM in Liverpool City Council

WHO said Liverpool council was rubbish at recycling?

In recent weeks, the authority has been trashed for sending far too much of the city's waste to landfill rather than send it off to be put to good use once again.

Such a sore point, it would appear, that two Labour councillors put down a motion calling for a special panel to look into the problem and were slapped down by the chief whip, Cllr Alan Dean, apparently with the blessing of the Infallible Pope Joe XXIII.

But the council should look to their dear leader for guidance, for he has proven himself to be capable when it comes to a spot of recycling.

For at last week's meeting of the full council, Mayor Anderson, in a lengthy presidential 'state of the nation'-type address (which was largely very well delivered and to the point), couldn't help himself but deviate from his statement of affairs to spend a few moments indulging his other favourite pastime, criticising the media.

He expressed his frustration at the good ladies and gentlemen of Her Majesty's Press's predilection (not the Mayor's word) for reporting "every missed bin or road closure".

Rewind to earlier this week, and Mayor Anderson is once again unhappy with the Press, this time for reporting the contents of a bumper internal audit report which points out some systemic failings within the council. Unfortunately, Mayor Anderson did not feel it fit to share with the public all the things the council was doing to put the problems right, and so instead put his statement on the internal intranet (only to be promptly leaked).

And, surprise surprise, what should he tell his flock but that: "This cynical, negative attitude (of the media) is all too typical of coverage of the city council, where ... every missed bin or road closure is reported in a negative way!"

Now that's recycling.

STRANGE that in Mayor Anderson's statement to council staff he should claim that the Press chose not to include the information about how the authority was dealing with the problems identified by the internal audit report.

Strange because the information was not made available to the Press, and in fact only surfaced on the day the story of the report went into print. Perhaps if Mayor Anderson had responded to the two approaches for a comment it would have assisted those reptiles of the media!

A RATHER amusing war of words broke out between city Liberal Democrat leader Cllr Richard Kemp and Labour's Cllr Patrick Hurley.

It began with a claim by Cllr Hurley that the Press was a more effective opposition than the Lib Dems, and ended with Cllr Kemp calling Cllr Hurley a "muppet" who merely "crawls" to Mayor Anderson.

What possible evidence could Cllr Kemp have for such a claim?

Perhaps Cllr Hurley's tweet of last week could shed some light on the issue.

"I wanted a city mayor so Liverpool would have a powerful figure leading it. So I'm glad @joeforliverpool is proving himself up to the job."

Makes you want to hurley, doesn't it?


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