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paula_keaveney90.pngAm I the only person who wonders why so many have fallen so completely for the spin of Richard Branson?

I listed to the multi millionnaire himself on Radio 4 over the bank holiday and there was a tone I couldn't place. I realised afterwards it was the sound of whining.. the sort of "its not fair" you often get from children or teenagers.

It's one thing to complain if the rules of a process have been broken and you have lost out. Or if the rules changed and you weren't told. Or if the rules were simply ignored.

But unless I am missing something we are talking here about a process which was followed and which Virgin entered and the "unfairness" is that someone else won.

DRINKING in the street is known to cause untold problems in Liverpool - not least during the Mathew Street Festival.

Mr Brocklebank has received numerous reports about revellers becoming increasingly rowdy and resorting to violence while enjoying the ill-fated festival this weekend.

The sight of young women pulling each other's hair out, and grown men slumped in doorways looking like Pinocchio after having his strings cut, is by no means edifying, and does little to commend the city to those who travelled here from farther reaches.

MERSEYSIDE councillors' pay has been revealed in a survey by lobby group the Taxpayers' Alliance.

Liverpool councillors are the highest paid with basic allowances of £10,077, followed by the Wirral with pay at £9,171.

Knowsley is third with £8,825, but Sefton fell in the pay league after councillors took a 5% cut to £8,520.

IF THERE'S one thing that Militant Labour in the Liverpool of the 1980s are often derided for, it was its taste for spending money it didn't have.

All these years later, in the face of socialist arguments that the council should reject the cuts imposed by the government, Mayor Joe Anderson often told the masses how this was not an option, and would lead to the district auditor coming in and Liverpool effectively being taken over by the government.

So, clearly the prospect of spending money you don't have is unpalatable to Mayor Anderson. The council does, however, seem more relaxed about making commitments with other people's money.

Peel chairman John Whittaker doesn't do interviews very often, so a letter to Liberal Democrat Richard Kemp is the nearest we've got to hearing his views on his £5.5bn Liverpool Waters scheme.

As we reported today he believes the first building in the project could be built and open for use in 2014 - although he admits that is optimistic.

Below is his letter in full:

Anyone buying tickets for a show these days will usually have to pay a booking fee and / or service charge.

Laudably, some venues still don't charge any fee at all if you buy tickets at their box office and pay in cash.

Some others charge only a modest flat rate fee. These are the exceptions, however.

Booking tickets on-line - the sole option for some venues - costs varying amounts depending on the source and the difference in charging levels from different agencies is often significant for the same event. Why is that?

Losing the love

By Marc Schmid on Aug 17, 12 04:34 PM in Guest Blog

For the first time I can remember I'm apathetic about the start of the new football season. It has nothing to do with how successful I think my team will be but instead i've found myself focusing more on everything that is wrong with the modern game - in other words I've lost the love.

alan_dean_head_shoulders.jpgRegular Dale Street Associates readers will remember the furore over Alan Dean's leaked email ordering Labour councillors not to raise Liverpool council shortcomings in public, unless they had the permission of the mayor.

The Liverpool Labour chief whip's diktat was then (obviously) leaked to Dale St, and led to him being dubbed Comical Alan.

The email had been sparked by the request of Joe Hanson and Laura Robertson-Collins that a special scrutiny panel be set up to look into low recycling rates.

Beth_Tweedle_2012_medal.jpgTHERE is no doubt at all that the London Olympics were a superb show, and Merseyside's own athletes were amongst its stars.

But the involvement of Liverpool-based contestants at games of yesteryear was perhaps somewhat less thrilling.

For in 1932, a team from this fair city travelled to the Los Angeles Olympics (proving junkets are by no means a modern phenomenon) to take part in an extremely exciting contest in which they took the gold medal.

envelope.jpgIt might be what some residents think of their local authority, but you don't expect Liverpool council to be calling itself Liverpoo on official envelopes.

One Dale Street reader is now kicking up a stink about the blunder.

Here's the council explanation: "We use about three million pre-printed envelopes a year and identified a rogue box with a misprint about three months ago.

"A sweep was carried out to retrieve the envelopes already taken from the box for use, but it seems this one slipped through the net and has been spotted by an eagle eyed Dale Street Blues correspondent."

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