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Luciana_twitter.pngAfter a fantastic week in Liverpool 12 months ago, this week Labour Party conference is in Manchester, where two years ago Ed Miliband was elected leader. The opening day of conference is always one of excitement and anticipation as the whole Party looks forward to a week of debate, discussion and speeches from members, trade unions and our shadow ministers.

The focus of conference this year will be to show how Labour would rebuild Britain and our economy so that it works for working people, not just a few at the top. This is particularly important for Liverpool which has been hit disproportionately hard by Tory/Lib Dem cuts and government policies that are hurting the most vulnerable.

margaret_aspinall.jpgYou may have noticed Dale Street Associates has not been updated as regularly as normal for the past couple of weeks.

I've spent the past two and a half weeks reporting on the Hillsborough Independent Panel's report, and the scale of the task has left me with little time for blogging.

The report may be 400 pages, but the full story is held within the 400,000 documents that acted as reference points.

I've worked at the Post and Echo for the past five years and thought I had a fairly good understanding of the Hillsborough disaster ahead of the report.

ANOTHER morsel of the Liverpool Waters project was agreed by city planners last week, edging the city closer to losing the waterfront's World Heritage status.

Some within the Town Hall are more casual than others about this potential outcome, seemingly of the view that the creation of jobs and clusters of skyscraping yuppie prison cells outweighs being ranked alongside the Great Wall of China.

Critics of the council's indifference to the accolade are of the view that the Peel development has as much to commend it, architecturally, as the Great Wall (takeaway) in Childwall.

len_mccluskey_rebel_rant.jpgThe Writing on the Wall is back with its Rebel Rant and Unite's Liverpool-born general secretary Len McCluskey is in the hot seat.

The promotional material reads as such: "All in it together - or is Austerity Britain for us and not 'them' - the bankers and the millionaires? Can the Coalition turn it round, or are we all con-demned to spend the next ten years back in Orwell's Britain of the 1930's?"

With Ricky Tomlinson doing the introductory talk for Red Len at the Adelphi on October 11 it promises to be a classic evening for left wingers.
Tickets available the Philharmonic Hall box office, Hope Street , L1 9BP Tel: 0151 709 3789 or online at:

FOR ONCE, the pavements outside the Newz Bar on Water Street and San Carlo on Castle Street are being trodden by actual celebrities!

All this week, film crews have been dotted around the city, along with A-list stars such as Kiera Knightley (although Mr Brocklebank would have to admit he wouldn't know her if she cut in front of him in the queue in Greggs), and luvvie actor-cum-director Kenneth Branagh, who is directing the latest instalment of the Tom Clancy 'Jack Ryan' series.

No one (me included) could argue that the 30th Olympiad of the modern era - London 2012 - was not a resounding success as were the subsequent Paralympic Games.

Back in March 2008, I was asked to contribute the "No" case for one of the Daily Post's weekly debates which posed the question "Will the 2012 Olympics benefit Merseyside?"

It wouldn't be unfair to say that many of the postings on this blog present politicians in a negative light or have some sort of criticism to level at our democratic representatives. But I want to write one in praise of them.

For the city of Liverpool Wednesday was a momentous day in which the truth, which many of us have known for so many years, was finally told to the world and I mean the world because news of the Hillsborough cover up made the front of the New York Times.

For years successive governments ignored the pleas of the Hillsborough families and survivors, these people were failed by the State. On Wednesday, the State apologised unequivocally, without any caveats and now the hard battle for justice moves forward.

dale_street_news_logo.jpgImitation, they say, is the sincerest form of flattery.

Imagine my surprise then to discover Liverpool City Council is creating a news website and calling it Dale Street News.

I kid you not.

As regular readers know this blog was launched under the name of Dale Street Blues in 2008.

I was pleased to read this week that Liverpool City Council has identified funding to help the city's historic Philharmonic Hall take its first step in securing £10m for its much needed refurbishment.

In today's economic climate local councillors have to make really touch spending decisions. Councillors across Merseyside have been put in a difficult situation, and handed some of the biggest cuts in Government funding for local councils.

We've taken bigger cuts than David Cameron's Oxfordshire and George Osborne's Cheshire, so balancing the books isn't easy. And then there's the police, and fire and rescue cuts. The list goes on.

I've just got back from the second Liverpool Mayor select committee.

There were a few announcements tonight by Joe Anderson.

Here they are summarised below:

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