Mr Tory's Coming To Town. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

By Cath Bore on Nov 26, 12 09:49 AM in Opinion

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better pay up I'm telling you why,
Mr Tory's coming to town.
He's making his cuts, checking them twice,he doesn't think that benefits are nice,
Mr Tory's coming to town.
He sees where you are sleeping.
He knows if a bedroom's spare, that empty bed cant hide from him, he can tell if no one's there.
And if you've any children, and they number more than two,
you'd better hide the others, or he'll tax you for them too!
He can't wait for April, he's planned who he will curse
With extra cuts so he can make next Christmas even worse!



Cath Bore is a author.
You can follow her on Twitter @cathbore, read her own blog MERSEY WRITER ABOUT TOWN HERE or visit her website HERE


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