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Like most other years 2012 has not disappointed in the wealth of material it threw up for Dale Street Associates to get its teeth stuck into.

There have been the usual leaks, the odd thing to have a giggle about, and also some serious items like the fight for justice for the Hillsborough families.

Yesterday I tweeted out my favourite posts from the year (one per month, with two for September). Here it is wrapped up one blog post:

The Christmas and New Year period will see huge demands placed on A&E departments across the UK as staff get to grips with an influx of alcohol and accident related admissions resulting from the cold weather.

HOW long ago it seems now since the Government and Liverpool council were like the best of friends.

Westminster's finest, proud as punch that the city was willing (or, rather, its council was willing) to be its mayoral guinea pig, and Liverpool thrilled at all the oodles of money that would flow through the City Deal it had struck with the coalition.

But, Mr Brocklebank must confess, he always found it to be the oddest pairing since Bing Crosby and David Bowie got together to sing Peace on Earth Little Drummer Boy.

Dale Street Christmas.jpg

THERE'S a phrase, in the political world, when trouble is brewing and a scandal is on the horizon, that is oft spoken in the form of supposedly sagacious advice: "Get the denial in first."

But there's one problem with this tactic: whatever scandal one is denying may not have passed across many people's radar until the denial comes.

That was certainly the case in relation to Clive Grunshaw, the man who, as a police and crime commissioner, is responsible for ensuring the people of West Lancashire are safe in their beds at night.

echzzlancsxmascard1.jpgThis naughty little card was sent out by Lancashire Police Commissioner Clive Grunshaw's press office on Friday.

It might not have become news had journalists not then been sent an email two hours later stating: "Please accept my apologies for the Christmas card you received in error."

Attached was the "correct" card (which you can see below).

Unfortunately it was just the start of a bad weekend for Commissioner Grunshaw, who has set in motion the investigation into himself after a Sunday newspaper revealed he may have double claimed for meetings.

He insists: "At no point have I wilfully submitted claims which I know to be untrue."

Help make this Christmas Number One.

Order the single by logging in to itunes or Amazon, or by texting the word justice to 80010 from a mobile phone.

I took part in a debate about benefits on City Talk this week, with a Tory activist.
She claimed - as many of them do - there are loads of people who are on benefits that shouldn't be.

Pigs with snouts in the public trough - not MP expenses style, though. OH NO. Those on Incapacity Benefit are on a different scale, apparently.

I argued that this Tory (Coalition, my sweet behind) government was set on demonising the unemployed, citing the 'closed curtains while everyone else goes to work' line the cabinet is currently obsessed by.

THE summer riots of 2011 will happen again due to the devastating affects of government cuts, Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has warned the prime minister.

Read the full story HERE, and below is Mayor Anderson's letter in full.

CHANCELLOR of the Exchequer George Osborne surprised everyone yesterday when he told the nation that he had "no miracle cure" for the country's deficit problems.

Unless he'd spelt it out that plainly, Mr Brocklebank would still be thinking now that David Cameron's right hand man had all the answers.

But he didn't. And doesn't. And never will have.

The well-worn phrase "We are all in this together" (read "Every man for himself") is invariably trotted out with increasing frequency every few months when Osborne decides he is going to reach further into the pocket of the man in the street in order to cure the woeful economic situation (which, if you hadn't heard, the government inherited).

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