Cath's Guide to Tory Campaigning Part 1

By Cath Bore on Dec 14, 12 09:01 PM in Opinion

I took part in a debate about benefits on City Talk this week, with a Tory activist.
She claimed - as many of them do - there are loads of people who are on benefits that shouldn't be.

Pigs with snouts in the public trough - not MP expenses style, though. OH NO. Those on Incapacity Benefit are on a different scale, apparently.

I argued that this Tory (Coalition, my sweet behind) government was set on demonising the unemployed, citing the 'closed curtains while everyone else goes to work' line the cabinet is currently obsessed by.

The Tory activist in question had no idea re: the closed curtains policy.

It seems to be Dave Cameron hasn't been instructing his troops properly - too busy chillaxing, one imagines - so may I suggest they follow my guide when out campaigning and getting doors slammed in their faces?

Cath's Guide to Tory Campaigning

Closed curtains at a house near you = the scrounging lazy unemployed. Don't be bamboozled by claims these people signing on really want a job because clearly they don't. They're unemployed because they want to be.

Benefits are evil.

There you go. Election won!

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