The peasants are revolting

By Cath Bore on Jan 10, 13 07:21 PM in Conservatives

Thousands of minimum wage earners around the UK are due to take to the streets in protest tomorrow, disgusted at the plight of their fellow low paid - and the derisory pay rises offered to them.

Celebrated curtain opener and tummy upset, IBS, expressed thanks to the yokels for supporting his and fellow Tory MPs' desperate need for a 32% pay rise.

'We're all in this together,' he said, wiping a tear away from his eye.

'Well it's cruel,' said one ingrate pleb, who didn't want to be named lest his wife kicked him out of the house for being a bell end. 'Rancid, you might say. You can't be expecting the people in der big 'ouse to manage on £65,738 plus expenses!

'Here's me in my two up two down WITH an inside toilet living the life of Riley on £6.19 an hour. Me and the lads are having a whip round for 'em.'


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