Labour: 'No Apology for Jake Morrison'

By David Bartlett on Sep 1, 13 05:27 PM in Labour

MiliE2.pngLabour have dismissed a complaint from Cllr Jake Morrison that he should get an apology after his exit from the party.

Below is the email from the party:

From: Andy Smith
To: Jake Morrison
Subject: Email to Ed Milliband

Dear Cllr Jake Morrison,

I am emailing you in response to your email dated 21st August 2013, which you sent to Ed Milliband MP.

The Labour Party wrote to you on 5th June 2013, in the letter you were offered the opportunity to present you case and any concerns you may have had to Noel Hutchinson, North West Regional Director.

Instead of presenting any evidence you believe may have supported your allegations, you made the decision to leave the Labour Party.

I can think of no reason for either the Liverpool Labour Party, or Luciana Berger MP, both incidentally who are doing an excellent job of working for Liverpool residents, who are facing serious difficulties caused by this Tory led Government to apologise to you.

Yours sincerely
Andy Smith, Regional Organiser

Andy Smith
Regional Organiser
Labour North West

Click HERE to read a full story on the ECHO website.

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