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With the closure of the Liverpool Post and its website I have decided to shut Dale Street Blues/Associates.

Regular readers will know that since September the site has been updated infrequently. In May I was promoted to deputy head of content for both the ECHO and the Post, which has meant a significant change to my working hours. I also welcomed our second child to the world in the summer. And it has simply been impossible to find the time to write for Dale Street.

The new role has also meant that I am no longer in regular contact with some of the people that fed me material to use on the blog. And for one reason or another many of the bloggers who contributed to the site as its associates no longer do so.

Esther_McVey_reshuffle.jpgWIRRAL West Conservative MP Esther McVey was one of the biggest winners in the Government reshuffle.

She was named employment minister at the Department for Work and Pension and now carries the rank of Minister of State.

But Liverpool's Labour MPs fared less well in Ed Miliband's reshuffle. West Derby MP Stephen Twigg was dropped from Labour's shadow cabinet.

He lost his role as Shadow Education Secretary and will instead be Shadow Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform.

Garston and Halewood Labour MP Maria Eagle will stay in the shadow cabinet but has lost the transport portfolio to Wakefield MP Mary Creagh.

MiliE2.pngLabour have dismissed a complaint from Cllr Jake Morrison that he should get an apology after his exit from the party.

Below is the email from the party:

If a week is a long time in politics, it is also ample time to decide not to launch an investigation into Alan Dean's 'p*****d on chips' voicemail he left Jake Morrison.

The young councillor got a letter yesterday telling him it failed a number of tests it needed to meet to warrant any further action.

Below is the letter reproduced in full:


The row between Jake Morrison and the Labour party shows no signs of dying down.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has warned Cllr Morrison he may face legal action over a claim in Monday's story about the Alan Dean voicemail.

And Cllr Morrison has asked the council's monitoring officer to investigate whether the Deano's voicemail broke council rules.

And we are still waiting to hear the result of the investigation into the huge bust up between Cllr Morrison and Wavertree MP Luciana Berger.

And so it goes on...

alan_dean_head_shoulders.jpgCllr Jake Morrison has decided to heap a bit more embarrassment on the Labour party after resigning from the party earlier this year.

Before his massive fallout with Luciana Berger and the party hierarchy he had already announced his decision to resign as a councillor.

But it seems his announcement, which my colleague Marc Waddington got hold of, took some of his colleagues by surprise.

Cue this voicemail from Liverpool Labour chief whip Alan Dean.

Like me, you may have missed this debate at Liverpool University a few days ago.

'Do global cities need a mayor?' was hosted at the university. The panel was formed of Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson, Professor Alan Harding, Professor of Public Policy, University of Liverpool, and Alexandra Jones, Chief Executive, Centre for Cities, Professor Patrick Le Gal├Ęs, Director of Research, Centre of European Studies, Sciences-Po, Paris.

John Flamson, Director of Partnerships and Innovation at the university chaired the debate.

I haven't watched it myself yet (lack of time, it's 85 minutes long). But thanks to Dale Street Associate @StuartWilksHeeg and @Paul_Kinlan for their help embedding the video on the blog.

Autre vie de Richard Kemp

By David Bartlett on Jul 4, 13 10:18 PM in

The other life of Richard Kemp.pngAn eagle eyed reader spotted this French film production, named after Liverpool's Liberal Democrat leader... well sort of.

The Lib Dems have always thought Richard Kemp was a star, although Labour probably have his town hall performances down in the B movie category.

'The other life of Richard Kemp' is out on release now.

Lord_Storey175.jpgIn just over two years, Jake Morrison has gone from being Liverpool Labour's poster boy to their punching bag. He's been forsaken by the party he once loved and by a Leader who has personally praised his work.

You don't come across many young men like Jake in politics. He is a talented, energetic and passionate individual. In his twenty-six months as a city councillor, he has achieved a great deal more than some of his (now former) colleagues accomplished over their entire careers.

I suggest that if it wasn't for sterling efforts of The Oliver King Foundation (of which he's part) and their public defibrillator campaign wouldn't be receiving the attention it deserves. From establishing local residents' associations to taking a lead in national campaigns, Jake has achieved political success in a very short period of time.

liverpoolexpress.pngIt may have passed you by that Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has started a blog.

It was launched in May with little fanfare.

Today the Mayor has blogged his fourth post: More for less just means less , in which he sets out "things we can do to mitigate the negative impact budget cuts will make".

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