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If a week is a long time in politics, it is also ample time to decide not to launch an investigation into Alan Dean's 'p*****d on chips' voicemail he left Jake Morrison.

The young councillor got a letter yesterday telling him it failed a number of tests it needed to meet to warrant any further action.

Below is the letter reproduced in full:

kensington-palace.jpgA DISMAL harbinger presented itself in the form of a High Court judge this week, when rejecting the case, brought by a Merseyside woman, that the so-called 'Bedroom Tax' discriminated against the disabled.

She and nine others argued that it did not take into account the fact that people with specific needs (equipment, spare rooms for carers, etc) may need an extra room, and that in no way was this room in any way 'spare'.

However, the High Court, sometimes a bastion of level-headed sense unfettered by the shackles of government policy, was, on this one, certainly in bed with Westminster (or, sharing a room, at least).

So, the many thousands of disabled people affected by the tax who live on Merseyside, who account for an estimated two thirds of people who will be penalised by it, have lost hope that they will be spared this misery.

Despite a reputation for political radicalism, Merseyside is also associated with low levels of political participation. In 2001, just 34% of electors in Liverpool Riverside turned out to vote, the lowest constituency turnout at a general election since 1918. The 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections saw Merseyside record the third lowest turnout in 41 policy force areas; just 12.7% of the county's registered electors voted.

A new report published this week by local think-tank ExUrbe explores whether such figures suggest Merseysiders are disengaged from politics generally. The report is based on a survey of 500 residents of 'Greater Liverpool' carried out in May 2013 at eight sites across the city region with the help of three Liverpool University politics students.

FORMER Everton legend Paul Gascoigne, it was, surprisingly enough, who came out with one of Mr Brocklebank's favourite every sporting quips.

Whether or not the Geordie genius made the statement intentionally or not, we may never know, but nonetheless Mr B would like to think it was a moment of flash of inspired wit.

When asked once what he thought might be the outcome of one particular game many moons ago, he replied: "I don't make predictions. I never have ... and I never will."

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has praised the Post and ECHO for scrutinising Liverpool council, a leaked email reveals.

Not often you hear politicians celebrating the probing tendencies of the press is it?

The mayor said, in a leaked email, that he "gave thanks to to the Daily Post and Echo for being the main scrutinisers of decisions we take and long may that continue".

It was at the end of email to Lib Dem leader Richard Kemp berating his rival for his public statements about the deal which saw the council spend £13m buying Everton FC's training ground.

You can read the email to Cllr Kemp, and his reply to the mayor below:

LAST week, Mr Brocklebank remarked on the quite remarkable row between two of the city's younger politicians, Wavertree MP Luciana Berger and Cllr Jake Morrison.

The 32-year-old and the 20-year-old have been chucking their toys out of their respective prams about each's treatment of the other, and the squabble resulted in a very public and highly entertaining row which culminated in the younger of the two being suspended from the Labour Party, apparently over allegations of 'bringing the party into disrepute', or, in other words, speaking his mind publicly about his feeling he was being squeezed out by Ms Berger and co.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has issued a second statement about the Jake Morrison, Luciana Berger row.

In a statement on the Liverpool Labour website he set out the circumstances leading to Cllr Morrison's suspension.

Here it is in full:

Gary-Millar-Mayor.jpgMR BROCKLEBANK would beg the reader's good grace to allow him to return to a subject matter which has been one of the highlights of the municipal week, the enthronement of city Cllr Gary Millar as Lord Mayor of Liverpool.

At the risk of beginning to sound like certain other seasoned columnists from the city's press who have been frequently given to write about Cllr Millar (albeit not in such benevolent terms as Mr B - who must be going soft in his old age), the squire was highly entertained by the installation at the town hall last week.

commsmeister.jpgLiverpool council has announced this afternoon that it has brought in a PR consultant, after failing to find anyone good enough to do the job full time.

Former head of PR at Coventry council Mark Fletcher-Brown will be paid £650-a-day for a total of 75 days work. He started at the end of March and will remain with the council until September.

On a pro-rata basis If Mr Fletcher-Brown were to work for the council five days a week for a year (260 days) he would pocket £169,000. As it is he will make £48, 750 for his 75 days.

Liverpool council describe him as a "leading communicator", who has worked with more than 75 public sector organisations. He describes himself as "commsmeister" on his Twitter profile. He is director of Reputation. You can also read more about Mr Fletcher-Brown on his Linkedin page.

It wouldn't be a year on Liverpool council without another defection.

Rosie Jolly is the latest to jump ship from the Liberal Democrats to Labour. It was hardly a surprise and indeed I predicted it in March.

It's always fun to see the emails that are sent between the defector and the party they are leaving, here they are:

Dale Street Associates

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