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For the past three years I've been working with colleagues at Democratic Audit on a major research project which aims to track how UK democracy is changing, how well it measures up against international standards, and how it compares to the best democratic performance found globally.

The results of our democratic audit have now been published and feature in today's Guardian.

It probably won't surprise anyone to learn that we find many causes for concern. In fact, we identify more than 150 concerns, ranging from the concentration of media ownership to the reliance of the political parties on large donations.

mike_storey80.jpgFirstly, I will have to declare an interest in that my father-in-law was a bank manager at the local National Westminster bank in the Dingle.

Much like Captain Mainwaring of Dad's Army, he knew and was known in his local community and was given the status and resources to support customers and local businesses.

Some may say they were halcyon days. My question is - what went so terribly wrong?

mike_storeypic.jpgFORMER Liverpool city council leader Mike Storey will deliver his maiden speech in the House of Lords tomorrow.

He took his seat in the Lords in February.

Convention dictates that he is not allowed to ask any oral or written questions until he has spoken in the house.

Lord Storey will speak on a debate about early intervention in the lives of children.


By David Bartlett on Dec 3, 08 04:11 PM in Guest Blog

DALE Street is the political powerhouse of the city, with the Town Hall at one end and Municipal Buildings at the other.

Like Blues music, politics in Liverpool can often be full of surprises, but it is never dull. Indeed reporting politics in Liverpool is a fascinating job.

Hopefully this blog will help shed some more light on the comings and goings in the corridors of power (not just in Liverpool, but also across the region).

And finally, both council leader Warren Bradley and the Labour opposition leader Joe Anderson are Evertonians.

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