Surely you would have to be bonkers to do DIY Botox???

By Emma Johnson on May 10, 10 05:07 PM

Ouch! One in five women would conduct DIY Botox but only 11% would dare to cut their own hair, according to a new study.
Taking at-home beauty to a scary new level, 22% would consider injecting their own face with a do it yourself Botox kit, according to the poll of 1,356 UK women by More than half (54%) admitted that they would undergo the procedure if it was performed by a professional.


SEO SEM said:

Eh, we should point out that a poll on a web site is not quite as valid a measurement as a 'study'. This is interesting but probably not very accurate.

It is very risky doing botox yourself, it is alway best to get a doctor to do it.

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