Kim Cattrall dispels rumours about her name and Liverpool birth

By Laura Davis on Sep 22, 10 12:00 PM in Theatre

ONE thing you learn pretty quickly in this job is not to trust anything you read on the internet. Obviously some sources are more reliable than others (this blog for example - but I would say that), but as a general rule it's best to double check the facts.


Kim Cattrall rehearsing Antony and Cleopatra in Jerwood Space,
London. Picture: Georgia Oetker

Which was why, when I interviewed Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall last week, I asked her if it was true that she had become an American citizen in 2008. This was her reply - I should point out that it didn't feel as though she was ranting at me, more at the situation in general. She was really nice throughout the interview. Oh and I hadn't mentioned Claire Woodgate, or the rumour that she had been born in Roby...

Don't ever read anything online. My name is not Claire Woodgate or whatever some stupid something... I don't know how that ever happened. Somebody put in something by computer that was completely false. My name is Kim Cattrall, you can find my birth certificate.

I did not come from outside of Liverpool, people say I came from somewhere else. My birth certificate says Wavertree, it says Mossley Hill, I know exactly where I was born.

There's this whole myth out there that I changed my name from Claire Woodgate. I've said it on talk shows and things like that... even when I did Desert Island Discs they asked me that and they were horrified that they'd gotten it so completely wrong.

I interviewed her in an office at Jerwood Space, bright, modern rehearsal studios in London's Bankside where there were a few famous faces, including Maureen Lipman, milling around. It was a six-hour round trip for a 20-minute interview but I'm not complaining - Cattrall was a great interviewee who is clearly very fond of Liverpool, the city that introduced her to theatre and the arts.

The full interview is in today's Daily Post or you can read it by clicking here.

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